Contact Information

You can contact PK at

or  call my office 262-534-2004 or my cell 262 333 9907 Anytime

For Love of Dogs is located at 26212 Washington Avenue, Waterford, Wisconsin  53185

Just 10 miles west of Racine off  I 94 on State Highway 20

Who is PK

Over the last 57 years  PK has been involved with dogs in a wide arena, training obedience, protection, drovers, confirmation, grooming, hunt terriers, service, therapy, agility, crisis response and companion dogs in private and public forums and haS done countless interventions and rescues.

In 1986 she taught the first Canine Stewardship classes for the Lake County 4H.  In these classes the children had to learn how to encourage their dogs to "show" through positive feedback and streaming information rather than through force.  The classes were a huge success.

In 1998 she helped establish Jack Russells Online which was then the largest non-commercial Jack Russell web site in the world. PK also wrote a popular advice column for this site for 2 years called "Ask Eatbugs".

Since then PK has worked at the Woodgreen Shelter Development Days in the UK and was one of only 5 Certified Trainers to work at The NCPG Horse Project in the Netherlands. There she had the opportunity to introduce German, Belgium and Dutch trainers and lay people to the wonders of inter-species communication. PK also had the opportunity to work with a number of different species of animals from goats to sheep as well as working to help some of the school horses resolve the fears or problems the trainers were called upon to solve.

PK was invited back to Woodgreen by Kayce Cover (who she studie and worked with for 4 years) and Sue Ketland (Director of Training) in 2006. While there PK participated in a study with animal ethologist Dr. Daniel Mills (Professor Daniel Mills, became the country’s first specialist in veterinary behavioral medicine, to be recognized by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is now the country’s first professor of the discipline.), Kayce Cover (creator of SATS) and 3 other Certified LL1 Trainers. She also participated in teaching and presenting at the Certified SATS Trainer Development Days in Great Brittan.

 PK specializes in working with dangerously reactive dogs, and is a consummate problem solver. One of her several passions is working with deaf and blind dogs (she has had both). Knowing the uncertainty they face in their lives PK has developed classes through the use of SATZ to help these dogs and those who love them, live happy, enriched and SAFE lives together.

PK is one of the first 8 people in the world to be certified as a SATS LL1 Trainer in 2004.

 She is the sole creator and keeper of The Safe Alternative Teaching Zone Method of teaching dogs and humans.

 A place where anyone may come to receive help and advice about their best friends in a safe and respectful manner. 

 And it’s sister Coaching site The SATZ Community on Vimeo.  

 PK partnered with a fellow SATZ trainer and co-hosted a Blog Talk Radio show, The Canine Mutiny, for 2 years and whose pod casts may still be accessed.                                                                                                                      
PK had the honor of working with John and Judy Rogerson who asked her to  judge the first USA Working Trials Rally Competition, Silver level, which she thoroughly enjoyed.   

In 2009 PK established The Original Venison Project.  She distributes free venison to rescues and anyone who wishes to feed their dogs an unadulterated source of fresh  meat but is struggling in this uncertain economy.  An estimated 24,000 pounds of fresh venison has been distributed and the 2021 season hasn't even started.                        

PK has public and private, revolving classes and camps at her training facility in Waterford, Wisconsin and does private consultations and video coaching.  She works Pro Bono for many rescue groups (MW Collie Rescue, German Shepherd Rescue, Milwaukee Golden Rescue, Jack Russell rescue,( Il, Tenn, KY, California, New England) Tiny Paws, Bichon Rescue, Albert's Lounge, etc. and dogs in need.

PK is never too busy to pick up the phone and answer concerned dog owner's questions because she believes that the only foolish questions are those that are not asked.

  PK is blessed to do what she loves and LOVES what she has done her entire, professional life.

PK's Been Busy

PK in Hollywood

PK, Kaye Switzer and Harriet Sagalow (Switzer Productions discoverer of Judge Judy),Sheryl Burke  and  Joanne Lavin Stylists for American Idol znd to the stars (

)Coal and Mr. Miller

PK in Holland

PK with Kayce Cover and  International Certified SATS Trainers at The National Center For Horses for the Handicapped Project, Holland 2005

PK in Wisconsin

PK with Judy and John Rogerson in Wisconsin where she judged the Silver Level of the very first Working Rally Obedience Trials in the US in 2010

PK and Dr. Danny Mills, at University of Lincoln, Riseholme Campus, UK  (Professor Daniel Mills, became the country’s first specialist in veterinary behavioral medicine, to be recognized by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is now the country’s first professor of the discipline.)