Need a private Evaluation?

If you are not ready for a class session or a Camp you can come for a private evaluation. Sometimes the solution may be something simple and easily remedied on the spot, while other situations may need a more consistent and structured educational environment such as that of Classes or Camp. We are happy to discuss any and all options with you just call 262 539 2004 and we'll chat. The fee for this service is $100 per hour plus Wisconsin State Sales Tax.

In Home Consultations

PK also works all over the United States with people and their dogs in their homes. If you are interested in having PK work with you and your dog family in your home please call or email for further details. The fee is $100 per hour plus Wisconsin State tax including any travel time over 1 hour round trip. Flying to your location comes with a flat daily fee which can be discussed on the phone or by email. 262 534 2004

Our crack staff is on call to answer all your questions