Our classes are private, exclusive and designed around the individual needs of each person and dog. If you have just brought a new puppy into your home and want to be sure he or she grows up to be the best dog you have ever owned.  You will love how quickly you will learn to communicate your needs to your puppy and she or he will be able to communicate his or her needs to you. At For Love of Dogs you learn how to teach your puppy to make good, sound and reasoned decisions so you may enjoy your lives together.   You will have a well mannered puppy that comes to you every time and knows not to run out doors even if they are left wide open.  No nagging, no rough handling, no 24/7 management, just cooperation, information, and fun.

And because TRUE socialization comes from adult dogs (as in school teachers, coaches, etc. with human children)  PK has 9 dogs of various ages and sexes that are ideal for teaching your puppy how to be safe and respectful in the real world.

Adult Dogs

 Getting a late start or lost your way with your older dog?   Or just adopted an adult dog from the shelter??? Turn things around in no time by learning an amazing communication system that allows you and your dog to finally understand each other. With just a few key “cues” you can open up a whole new world you never knew could exist between you and your best friend. Teach your dog his or her job in your household or office 75% faster than with any other training method.  Classes are private (just you and your dogs) fun and interesting for both human and dog because they are designed around the needs of each individual “team”. 

Has your dog developed some shocking or disappointing behavior?? 99% of the dogs we see are just suffering from a "failure of communication" caused by too little or confusing information. Once communication is established the results can be nothing less that amazing. Just check out the wonderful testimonial page or better still join us and write your own!




Our bright, cheerful facilities are something you won't see very often at a dog training center.

The carpeted facility is awash with color, dog and people toys and training aids.

Watch instructional DVDs or just see how well you did in your last class on updated video equipment.

At For Love of Dogs everyone is a star as the walls, adorned with former and present day "dog stars" will attest. We pride ourselves on a safe, happy place for people and dogs to comfortably learn to live together in harmony.

Every class session is done at each individual's own pace to ensure confidence and success. This produces happy owners and even happier dogs. So why not be added to our walls as well as our gallery as one of our newest, brightest stars???


11 week old puppies have learned to stay away from the front of the stove when someone is cooking.  They were NOT taught to sit in front of the sink during this time they were just  told they couldn't wait in front of the stove.  They CHOSE to sit on the rug in front of the sink and have done so consistently every day whenever someone is using the stove.  That's SATZ!