Special Needs Classes


Blind?  Deaf?  Disabled Dogs?

Perhaps your dog is deaf or blind. We have classes specifically designed to address the needs of these very special dogs.

For deaf (profoundly or unilaterally) dogs we teach SATZ, American Sign Language (ASL) and a system of simple communication “cues” that allow you to have endless conversations with your dog as well as ending the frustration these dogs face every day in their silent and confusing world.  Because dogs are consummate readers of the  body language of their prey; and because all dogs have a specific area in their brains that has been developing for thousands of years to understand "human" language; ASL is the best of all worlds for these dogs.  A human language spoken with the body.  Educational for the dog and it's fun!  There is no reason a deaf dog should be limited when ASL makes it so easy to "listen".

Blind dogs can cognitively map their worlds and with a good nose and a little information can lead surprisingly full and interested lives.  For these dogs we have designed classes to teach directional (up, down, left, right, back up, be careful, slow down, forward, etc.) behaviors just to get the two of you started.  So the dog is able to maneuver through her or his dark world just by hearing the directions you give. It not only allows the dog a new found freedom but builds a relationship of trust and confidence between you and your best friend unlike any other.  I know I live with and love one.

Does your dog have some other disability? Does he need daily care that he or she resists?   There is no limit to what we can teach in order to make your life with your dog happy and fulfilling.

Great Nose

Blind Dog Names Toys

A vet visit should not have to be traumatic for the dog, the owner or the vet. Nan used to hate the vet before we discovered SATZ. Now we can make a deal to where she is informed of everything that will happen, and if she cooperates, I will be the only one besides the vet to handle her. She's happy, the vets are happy and no tech is in danger of being bitten. It should always be like this.