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Weekend Camps

 Need things to happen FAST?  Weekend camps are intensive, full, hard working for handler and dog, weekends.  Although a basic understanding of SATZ, the Signals and Target is helpful it is not necessary. 

These camps were originally set up to solve really big problems quickly.  During your time here dogs and humans learn to understand how to give and receive two way communication. They also learn that no human controls a dog.  Dogs in the end must control themselves.  This is difficult if you haven’t been given language or taught, encouraged and guided as to how to make a good decision whether  a human is around or not, to “show you how to act”.  It is equally tough for the dog when his reactivity is only dealt with at the time it occurs.

Many of these dogs have been on “death row” for their behaviors and so come to learn to control and eventually “let go” of the reactions that caused them to find themselves in this untenable position in the first place.  They also learn to relax and examine all the things that formerly caused them to react in a calm, well reasoned way.

These camps are designed to be intensive, and highly successful.  Human and dog are coached, encouraged and refined into a beautiful, smooth, cooperative, working, loving partnership.

Because they are private one handler/family and the dogs concerned,  you will benefit from one on one coaching that you would not receive elsewhere.

Whether you are coming to reverse a dangerous behavior or encourage a new one.  Or possibly, you plan to compete together, become a “therapy team”, hunt together, travel or work together, or just want to continue to build an incredible relationship with each other.                                                

These camps are designed to more deeply explore issues of reactivity (manifested in aggressive ways), canine self relaxation, perception modification (humans and dogs) as well as naming, giving and receiving information in the most efficient way and learning true cooperation between you and your best friend.

You arrive on a Friday evening a novitiate in the ways of SATZ and leave Sunday evening well on your way to becoming a SATZ Master and more importantly, a human who is worthy of their dogs adoration and love.

The fee for the Weekend Camp is $600 plus state sales tax. Of course we would want you to bring all your dogs to camp. Each additional dog is $95.

The fee for the Weekend Camp is $600 plus state sales tax.  Of course we would want you to bring all your dogs to camp.  Each additional dog is $95.  

You are required to send an in depth letter about your relationship with your dog, the problems you wish to deal with at camp or the new behaviors you are looking to encourage and teach which must arrive at least a week before camp is scheduled.  You are required to answer and mail in a questionnaire (provided)  which will include any methods you used to previously educate your dog and where he or she was schooled if it applies.
A deposit of $300 Plus Wisconsin State Tax and PayPal fees total $325.03)) is required to book your dates.
For more information call 262-534-2004 (office) or 262-333-9907 (cell)
Or email me at

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A $350.00,(plus PayPal fee and WI state sales tax~ $378.82)  non-refudable deposit is required to book your Camp.

You will leave tired but you will be amazed!